Outskirts has been built on the ethos that true understanding begins with genuine curiosity. Founded in 2015 by Shawn Topp, Shawn knew he wanted a site that explored this curiosity. So we set out to build a site that would spark the users curiosity and make them want to explore as much as we did.

The site is a custom WordPress build, with HTML5 and CSS animations sprinkled in. The posts were made to be flexible, and the layout for each can be adjusted by selecting different modules.

The main site view.
The initial page of the site is simple, showcasing the Outskirts logo.
An animated atom.
We went back to math class for this atom. Trigonometry played a big role, not only in drawing the ellipses, but also in making the electrons follow their paths.
A view of the off-canvas navigation.
The off-canvas navigation is simple but does not allow you to scroll around the page while it is open.